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Book of Mormon
It made me want to reread the Book of Mornom and study it more in depth.
- Jennifer E. 14 yrs old

Loved every second of it! It definitely strengthened my testimony in the Savior, Book of Mormon, and the prophet Joseph Smith.
- Noah A. 16 yrs old

I felt the spirit strongly and I liked this presentation. I am going to be much more motivated to read it every night. 
- ​Luke A. 14 yrs old

Super good and really interesting. Thanks so much!
- Emilie D. 15 yrs old

The Book of Mormon is true, evidences that Joseph Smith could have in no way known in the 1820’s. It confirmed my faith in the Book of Mormon. It would be impossible for Joseph Smith to be the author of the Book of Mormon. Joseph only could translate. This has helped me to be more confident in the spiritual witness I already have. 
- E. Kaka 20 yrs old

Love this stuff. 
- T. Estes  28 yrs old

I learned not to doubt what I know because of what I don’t know. Very interesting. 
- P. Griffiths 21 yrs old

Interesting and fascinating.
- L. Wright age 67

Truly it is amazing! No man could have just written such a book. 
- E. Hamilton 20 yrs old

This absolutely strengthened my faith! Thank you so much! What a great presentation. 
- Matt  29 years old

Thank you for all of your hard work, I loved your passion for the book of Mormon and all the wonderful pictures. My favorite part of all was your testimony of your conversion. YSA students need to hear this. 
- Trent​​
​Very interesting an dinformative. Joseph smith is a true, inspired prophet. e
- Evan A. 17 yrs old

I have loved this so much! My testimony has been strengthened so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
- Elle S. H. 14 yrs old

I'm so excited to read the Book of Mormon now!
- Elle S. H. 14 yrs old

You do a good work in showing the things scholars have found that compare the things Joseph Smith included in the TRANSALTION of the Book of Mormon.
 - Jim B. 73 yrs old

I liked the spirit that was felt when various truths testified of the truth of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as a prophet and translator. That is something I will remember.
- A. Yist 28 yrs old

The Book of Mormon is real and true. My faith was confirmed.
- A. Chand 25 yrs old

Knowing now that there is physical evidence to support my spiritual knowledge, this touched my heart, soul, and spirit.
- K. Lister 33 yrs old

I didn't realize how much research has already been done! Wow, truth is everywhere.
- M. Leano 23 yrs old

​I felt the spirit very strongly; Joseph Smith was not the author of the Book of Mormon but the translator.
- D. Vega 23 yrs old

This presentation is excellent.
- B. Bradley 64 years old

I don't know a lot, but this presentation gave me so much more of an understanding, and put it into perspective of how real it is. 
​- A. Vega 20 yrs old
 I have loved your presentation! I'm on fire with excitement for feasting on the words in the Book of Mormon. Thank You!
- Jen P. 46 yrs old

Really good. I learned so much. This got me excited to read the Book of Mormon.
- Melissa E. 16 yrs old

It was amazing! I felt the spirit so strong - it truly was phenomenal.
- Naiah S. 12 yrs old 

Strengthened my testimony. I definitely learned plenty of new facts. Thank you for doing this for us!
- Kylie W. 12 yrs old

This was one of the most fascinating presentations I’ve ever experienced, it was amazing.
- J. McCune 25 yrs old
I personally thought this was so cool! I want to learn even more. 
- H. Sands  19 yrs old

This was a super cool lesson. I love how there was a lot of factual evidence and that really strengthens my testimony. 
- J. Spence 18 yrs old

This presentation was very creative, definitely learned some new things that helped me. I totally recommend this to anyone, its fun and you learn a lot. 
- T. Smith 17 yrs old

The enthusiasm is contagious, the Book of Mormon makes so much more sense and the reality of its truthfulness has been presented so perfectly. 
- Eileen R. 62 yrs old

This is “Education Week” quality and exciting with a lot of really cool unknown facts. I loved the way you had others read quotes and keep everyone’s attention going.
- K. Bowmen 51yrs old​